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Designing spaces for people
Moderne aktivitetsbaseret kontorindretning
Work / lounge zone in an activity based office
arbejdspladsindretning erhvervsindretning kontorindretning aktivitetsbaseret indretningsdesign indretningsarkitekt wpd
Inger Pucill - Workplace Design Specialist

Modern Office Environment - Co-Working - Activity Based Workplace Design

We advise on strategic space design

Space & Interaction works with physically rooted organizational development.

We emphasize that the physical environment in a workplace must support people positively and organizations productively. For us, appropriate workplace design is about creating optimal interaction between function and identity while supporting well-being and job satisfaction.

Space & Interaction has many years of experience in designing modern activity-based office environments based on comprehensive analysis of the specific organization's culture, values, wishes and needs. Activity-based Workplace Design (ABW) comes in variations under names such as Co-Working, Organization-Based Workplace Design - or simply just Workplace Design.

Example of zones in the activity-based office environment:

zoner i det aktivitetsbaserede kontormilj?

Interior design that emphasis your identity

As a consultant and interior designer, we create for you a unique interior that supports well-being and organizational goals and promotes your organizational values and identity. We find ways to create positive physical changes.

Physical space structures behavior and interaction between humans. At artifact level, room design speaks silently and persistently about values, activities, priorities, and hierarchies. This knowledge can be used constructively and strategically in relation to workplace design.

For example, a strong inhouse branding in a modern office environment can make it easier for employees to identify with the company's vision and values in their daily lives. Similarly, the design of an office environment that reveals the identity of the organization can provide visitors of the house with a stronger sense of the organizations trustworthiness.

Workplace Design as a strategic tool

We support you in creating solutions for your organization that shape the future in a positive way. An appropriate workplace design can strengthen:

The focus in your organization depends on your prerequisites, objectives, and visions. The scope and success criteria of the assignment are therefore initially defined in close cooperation with you.

Brugerinvolvering Innovation proces

User process and needs analysis

Comprehensive interior design based on user needs

Is the user's voice important or just a time-consuming addition? And is it worthwhile to get away quickly, if later on you find that you were going in the wrong direction? Or, you could ask, does it makes sense to use resources on a new exciting design, if the users simultaneously lose their desire for change and dialogue, and perhaps even lose their desire and energy to go to work.

Changes in the physical environment are often related to organizational and cultural changes. It is often difficult for the individual to understand the consequences of the change, and it may therefore unintentionally burden the physiological environment.

Space & Interaction designs and implements user processes with overview and empathy. Our experience is that involvement, communication, and support in the development process are always a good idea. Naturally, it always depends on the specific organization and situation how extensive the user involvement should be. We customize and scale the process in cooperation with you.

User involvement strengthens satisfaction and quality

It is our experience that users often bring important views, ideas and details to the table that can be processed and integrated into the project, with the result that the quality is increased. In addition, it gives users increased confidence and satisfaction in the process and a greater ownership of the result if they have been listened to along the way. A good user process thus significantly increases the project's possibility for success.

The concrete user involvement process - big or small - is always designed in close interaction with you, based on your specific wants and needs.

A comprehensive needs analysis supports future-proof space design

A thoroughly prepared needs analysis is a strong foundation for creating a unique space design. Space & Interaction therefore offers a customized user process in your organization to develop a holistic needs analysis.
End-user process and space design performed by Space & Interaction ensures that users' views are heard, challenged and integrated - and that you end up with a unique and future-proof interior design that both supports the function of the room and reflects the desired identity.

We work systematically gathering data about the organization's processes and spaces, revealing the organization's culture, values and identity, as well as recognized and unrecognized needs and potentials.

Landskabsdesign Landskabsarkitekt

Landscape Design - the sky is the limit

The first impression and the last thing you see as you leave

The outdoor surroundings provide the first and last impressions you get from the place you visit. It is thus an important area in terms of identity. Does your outdoor area give a true picture of who you are? And does it allow for the wdesired activities?

Space & Interaction helps strengthen company identity in designing good outdoor environments adapted to your specific organization and location.

Interior Designer for projects in all sizes

Interior Design of the entire organization or of selected rooms

Space & Interaction works with both small and large scale projects. We can help you with anything from smaller spaces, such as project room, office environment, meeting room, innovation area, canteen, arrival area, reception, lounge area or an informal meeting place - scaling up to analyzing and designing the interior for a whole company.

When we are your consultant and interior design architect, you get an attractive and forward-looking design that matches the company's identity, function and physical environment. This improves the company's ability to achieve its goals and the company's brand will be stronger.

We work independently of supplier interests. Our focus is always to create an optimal solution for our customers.

Moderne kontordesign cafe lounge

Selected Projects - Workplace Design

Work Lounge ?bent kontormilj?
Bosch: proposal for the layout of the lounge / work zone in an open office environment.

Moderne aktivitetsbaseret arkejdspladsindretning
Tata Consultancy Services: layout of reception and activity-based office environment.

Design Moderne M?derum Skyperum
Canon: design of meeting room.

Design M?derum Skyperum Lounge
Canon: design of informal meeting room.

Bosch: design of reception and arrival lounge.

Interview articles

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