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Reception and waiting area
arbejdspladsindretning akustikloft
Special designed acoustic ceiling with integrated light

Projects - spacedesign and user processes

Owner of Space & Interaction, Inger Pucill, has many years of experience working with behavorial design. Below are listed selected projects:

Bosch, interior design of temporary leasing (two office floors) and temporary reception. Based om reused furniture and for the reception also reuse of ceiling modules, lamps and wall panels.

Magnoliahuset, Interior design of office and conference room.

Nilfisk, Spaceplanning for open office environment.

Mars Denmark, spaceplanning for open office environment, two office floors.

Bosch, interior design of office environment including work/lounge zone.

Hvidborg, interior design of home for children and adolescents who cannot live with their parents.

Canon, spaceplanning for open office, interior design of selected meeting rooms and informal meeting zones.

B. Braun Medical, spaceplanning and interior design proposal for office area including entrance area and logistics center.

Bosch R/D Lund, activity based workplace design with special focus on design of support facilities such as meeting rooms, library, welcome zone, phone rooms.

FOA Forbundshuset, workplace design including meeting rooms, social zone and other support facilities.

Tata Consultancy Services, activity based workplace design of new Danish headquarters, custom design furniture.

Steen Blichers Vej, Frederiksberg, exclusive garden design.

Marielystvej, Frederiksberg, design of urban garden.

Gl. Kongevej, Frederiksberg, design of an housing association's courtyard.

Andersen & Heegaard, office design.

Tata Consultancy Services, new workplce design including design of reception, canteen/café and meeting rooms.

Maskinmesterskolen København, design proposal for hall with flexible functions (canteen, lounge, party, study environment).

Kjær Knudsen, planning and facilitating values- and identity-process.

Den Friske Anlægsgartner, landscape design of hilly natural plot for summerhouse.

IWAKI, new workplace design of danish headquarters with focus on identity and well-being.

Peak Biotech, activity-based workplace design for new headquarters.

Maskinmesterskolen i København, user process with employees in relation to moving to a new education building.

Hvidborg Skole- og Behandlingshjem, design of multifunctional common space in the school plus interior design of semi open recreational area. Customized furniture.

Greve Lærerforening, protected building. Interior design of modern office environment including support facilities such as meeting rooms kitchen and touch-down area. Special focus on acoustics.

Københavns Kommune, BUF (cooperation with DC Kontormøbler), proposal for activity based office design.

Hvidovre Gymnasium, design of new preparation area for teachers.

World Trade Center Innovation, interior design proposal.

Bosch, new design of the reception area: user process, needs analysis, disposition plan, interior design, lighting plan, design of the ceiling panel, reception desk and coffee niche.

Frederikssund Gymnasium, redesign of the main entrance and draft proposals for landscape design of the atrium.

Andersen & Heegaard, daylight assessment, strategy and vision workshop.

KMD landscape design proposal. Focus on creating oudoors support environments / activate outdoor areas.

Hospice Søndergård, design of outdoor activity- and and play area for people of all ages.

Risø DTU, design of creative project room / meeting room.

Julemærkehjemmet Skælskør, design of the arrival and distribution area as well as design proposal for outdoor arrival area.

Village Development Horbelev, proposal for holistic development of Horbelev region by "archi-puncture". Focus on adventure and outdoor tourism.

Frederiksstaden Hudklinik, interior design of reception and waiting area in the new exclusive dermatologist clinic.

August Faller A / S, corporate design manual for the production area.

Slagelse Kommune, developing a new identity and decor for the foyer area "One Entrance" in Slagelse Municipality.

UCN, University Campus Jutland (Autens), building and renovation of learning environment (22,000 m2): user process.

UK / DK Partnership (Autens / Mike Davis), exchange and cooperation between schools in the UK and schools / institutions in Denmark: planning of 3-day study tour and workshops in Denmark for representatives from schools in Bedford (BBLE).

Helsingør Byskole (Autens), school, SFO, club, music school, health center, multi-purpose hall in the town center: client consulting - user processes, study, local program competition program and evaluation of competitive proposals regarding interplay between space and educational visions.

SOSU C Herlev (Autens), design concept for new innovative learning lab.

Ådalen Privatskole (Autens), interior design of multifunctional room.

Carlsberg "Our City" (PLH), international competition regarding urban planning for an active and environmentally sustainable district.

AMA Montagnola (PLH), international urban planning competition for a social, economic and environmentally sustainable town.

Dansk Handicaporganisation (PLH), user process and feasibility study regarding state-of-the-art headquarters for the disabled people's organisation.

Kammeradvokaten (PLH), new headquarters: building consultancy regarding new localization, user collaboration, concept development, design manual.

Slots- og Ejendomsstyrelsen (PLH), Danish Jurisdictions Localization: building consultancy, user process, needs analysis incl. design strategy.

Retten på Frederiksberg (PLH), new courthouse: building consultancy, user process and needs analysis. Editing the space program.

Skattecenter Haderslev (PLH), new tax center: building consultancy, user collaboration and needs analysis strategy.

UNICEF Supply Division (PLH), part of the UN City project: building consultancy, user collaboration and needs analysis.

Den blå Planet (PLH), new Danish Aquarium: building consultancy, working with space program.

ABB Skovlunde (PLH), commercial interior design: new design, workplace design, user process, idea and concept, disposition plan, interior design plan.

Oticon Smørum (PLH), business decor, new headquarter: user process, idea and concept.

Garden and Landscape Plans (Have & Rum), garden and landscape design.

Lisbjerg (Landskab & Rum), international urban planning competition for a social, economic and environmentally sustainable town.