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Designing spaces for people
Uddannelsesinstitution Skole  Indretningsdesign Indretningsarkitekt
Study environment - social interaction, creativity, learning, ...
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Exploring the world together

Interior Design focusing on well-being and positive development

Educational and specialized institutions

Space & Interaction works with interior design for different types of institutions from universities, colleges, and schools to specialized institutions and treatment homes. We work with both the indoors and the outdoors environments.

Indretningsdesign af specialinstitution

Special institutions and treatment homes

Space for people in need for extra care

We are committed to create a good physical environment for children, adolescents and adults in particularly vulnerable situations or life stages. Wether a hospice, a special school, or a day care institution we are ambitious to find a good solution.

We keep an eye on the well-being of both the employees and the people in need of extra care - and we are trained to find good spatial solutions for many types of challenges. We use the design of the physical environment as a tool to increase the quality of life of people in a vulnearble life situation.

Indretningsdesign multisal kantine indretningsarkitekt

Educational institutions

Inspiring educational environments attract new students

Space & Interaction designs inspiring learning environments for schools and educational institutions. We have extensive experience with learning environments and can support you in creating an attractive and forward-thinking design.

Interior design designs and motivates behavior and interaction between people and is therefore an important strategic tool when it comes to creating an optimal framework for well-being, learning and development.

The correct layout of an education site can, for example:

Independent space designer - optimal interior design

Space & Interaction works with user processes, design concepts, space deployment, surfaces, fixtures, lighting, sound environment, and colors.

Whenever we function as adviser and interior designer we aim to create the best possible design solution to support your various features and reflect your values and identity.

A project can vary in scope from the design of a single room, e.g. canteen, project room, classroom, multifunctional room, lounge area, etc. - to the development of zone divisions and the refurbishment of an entire educational institution.

Brugerinvolvering Innovation Proces

Employees and users are involved

User involvement increases security and quality

Through a well-thought-out user process, we can ensure that important wishes and needs are brought to light, which is an important prerequisite for creating a high-quality solution. At the same time, user involvement brings greater co-ownership and openness to the change process.

When Space & Interaction help with the user expectations, we bring to the table an open mind and an acknowledging approach because we are committed to provide security and well-being for all user profiles.

It is our experience that a well-designed user involvement is always a good idea. It is however different from institution to institution how extensive the user process should be. Therefore, we always design the user process in close cooperation with you.

The needs analysis - a strong foundation for design

In the needs analysis we collect and structure all the data we have obtained in connection with the user process and compare it with the project framework and success criteria.

The need analysis thus constitutes a unique and strong design foundation for the individual institution.

Landskabsdesign Landskabsarkitekt Institution Legeplads

Landscape Design - outdoor play and learning

Inspiring or soothing outdoor space

Space & Interaction strives to bring nature closer to human beings and make it available and accessible in a way that is in line with the project's intent.

We design identity-rich entrances, outdoor study environments, exciting playgrounds, cozy courtyards, recreational gardens, etc.

We work with concept development, planning, pavements, plants, light and shade - and we ensure that you have a sustainable and scenic outdoor area that supports the function and identity you require.

For instance, designing the outdoor space can be about:

Selected projects - Institution

Kantine MultisalMaskinmesterskolen København: proposal for the design of a multifunctional hall which can accommodate various functions (canteen, exam, study environment, translocation, party, etc.) at different times.

Indretning specialinstitution bosted Hvidborg Skole: interior design of multifunctional common space. Specially designed inventory.

Gymnasium indretningsdesign

Frederikssund Gymnasium: idea proposal for re-design of open air atrium.

Landskabsdesign Institution Landskabsarkitekt
Hospice Søndergård: design of outdoor activity space and playground.

Indretningsdesign behandlingshjem Indretningsdesigner

Hvidborg Døgninstitution: interior design of a home for children and young people who for different reasons cannot live at home.

Indretningsdesign Julem?rkehjem IndretningsarkitektJulemærkehjemmet Skælskør: designing new floors and decor in the hallway.

Indretningsdesign Institution IndretningsdesignerJulemærkehjemmet Skælskør: Design-proposal for the entrance and waiting area.

Newspaper Article

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