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Behavioral Space Design

We design for people and organizations to thrive

Space & Interaction has specialized in behavioural space design. We have a broad comprehensive approach to understanding space and the importance of space for human behaviour, well-being, and interaction.

We work with interior design for the professional segment within two main areas:

Workplace Design / Interior Design of modern office environments: Co-Working, Activity-Based Office Environment (ABW), Organizational or Experience-Oriented Office Design - depending on the focus of the specific design task.

Interior Design of institutions: educational institutions, special schools, treatment homes, individual homes for people in institutional housing, etc.

We work with physical space design as a strategic tool for achieving well-being and the required result. We aim to design spaces that improve life quality for people and to create structures and frameworks which help organizations to be successful. We design both outdoor and indoor environments.

In recent years, we have worked with consulting and design for many different innovative companies and institutions. We would also like to help on your project. We are two experienced women who are dedicated to guiding you safely from start to finish of the project; from project clarification through user involvement and analysis phase to interior design and subsequent follow-up. We ensure that you achieve a unique space design which supports well-being and organizational goals and demonstrates your values and identity.

Phases in a typical Space & Interaction process

We create interior design based on an in-depth knowledge of our customers' values, identity, challenges and needs. Each process is therefore designed in close cooperation with you based on your specific situation. A process typically follows the following general phases:

Rum & Relationer faser i typisk proces

Our approach to end-user involvement and strategic space design

Space & Interaction works from evidence based on a combination of theory, experience, and end-user input. In this way we can ensure you achieve an attractive and forward-looking solution based on your specific context requirements.

In our collection and processing of data we often use qualitative sociological and phenomenological methodologies and the tools that are attached to them - typically qualitative interviews and semi-structured group interviews. We also sometimes use photos as a basis for dialogue, as well as facilitating workshops and study tours, if desired. Depending on the size and complexity of the project we collect al necessary quantitative data.

The dedicated people behind Space & Interaction

Space & Interaction was established in 2012 by Inger Pucill. In 2018 Connie Aaby became part of the company. It will always be one of us - and sometimes both of us - you will meet when you work with Space & Interaction.

Our mission is to create design solutions that improve life quality for people and strengthen an organization's opportunities to perform their best.

inger Pucill Rumdesigner

Inger Pucill Manager and Space Designer

Inger has extensive experience of how space design can be used as a tool for success.

She has much knowledge of how physical space design can be used strategically in order to affect human thriving and behaviour - thus affecting culture, identity and organizational development opportunities.

Inger's overall aim is to create structures and design which improve the quality of life and strengthen the interplay between organization's function, values and identity.

Inger has a great overview, is always dedicated, and works creatively and ambitiously transforming management visions and user input into sound holistic design solutions.

Inger has a broad academic approach to working with space and people. She graduated cand.comm. specializing in socio-spatial communication; the interaction between human and physical space. Besides, she has training in landscape design, business economics and management.

Inger has worked with business- and institution development and interior design for more than 17 years. In addition, she has held courses in body language and organizational communication. Inger has previously performed as an actress and has in connection with this, worked with how scenography interacts with the show to be performed.

Connie Aaby Udviklingskonsulent

Connie Aaby Development Consultant

Connie has extensive experience with interior design for people with disabilities. She is aware of how physical frameworks can be strategically used to enhance community, ability level, identity, and quality of life.

Connie has special interest in informal learning spaces; how we utilize our space and how surroundings influence us. Her focus is to design the physical environment to minimize stress and maximize quality of life and to give a sense of security.

Connie is a candidate in didactics / material culture studies and holds a professional degree in textile subjects and dissemination.

Connie has been working with people with profound developmental disorders; people with diagnoses such as autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, OCD, anxiety, sensory integration disorders, etc. for many years. She works empatheticly and dedicatedly in creating a framework that enables the best possible everyday lives for the users.

Connie is affiliated with Space & Interaction on a freelance basis and assists in connection with user processes, analysis, and development of space design.

Sindre og Papang 3d-visualisering

Sindre and Papang are our professional, experienced and reliable subcontractors within 3D visualization and rendering.

Other collaborators in process and design

Space & Interaction have a stable network of good business partners that we can count on if we need additional skills or experience intensified workload. It allows us to move smoothly and quickly into many types and sizes of tasks.

Independent interior designer

Space & Interaction works independently of supplier interests. Our focus is always to create an optimal solution for our customers.