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Designing spaces for people
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Outdoor space for play and social activity
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Official opening by the mayor of Ballerup

What our clients say about us

Interior Design, reception area with café, lounge and exhibition space

"Inger Pucill from Space & Interaction has managed to capture the spirit of Bosch and translate it into an incredibly good interior design. It is at once traditional, solid and very innovative - just like Bosch. We as a team had a good relationship with Inger Pucill and highly recommend others to try her creative solutions.

We tried to get traditional layout proposals from our usual partners - but none of them managed to deliver what we were looking for; innovation! Inger Pucill gave us something which we were not aware that we were looking for - and achieved it perfectly.

We now have a super modern, cozy and friendly reception where we look forward to welcoming customers and other guests. Our receptionists have an inspiring environment where special attention has been payed to their working environment. Pleasant acoustics and a comfortable room temperature - simply a nice workplace."

Annette Jensen
CFO, Bosch

Special Institution

"Space & Interaction has been a professional and truly service minded partner in connection with the redesign of our management office and meeting room. Inger Pucill has been very committed and responsive to our needs. We feel that we have been seen and heard. We have felt in good hands during the process and are very happy with the result.
The new interior really gives a boost to the working environment and lives up to our wishes and needs. It has become a unique design with delicate and lovely details. The color scheme and furnishing of the meeting room gives you a calm feel as soon as you enter the room - exactly as we needed, and the management office has become so nice and welcoming. We have received purely positive comments on the new interior design from all the employees in the house."

Susanne Beck Grant
Manager, Specialinstitutionen Magnoliahuset

School and Treatment Center for Vulnerable Children and their Families

"We at Hvidborg have collaborated with Inger for approximately two years. Hvidborg is an institution for vulnerable children and families, and we are in rapid development. We are modernizing and refurbishing all our five buildings. With such a big renovation going on, we also have to think of the interior design. We knew that when it comes to the welfare and development of vulnerable children and families and in regards of helping children with special educational needs, then we are very knowledgeable and skilled - but with regards to interior design, well, we are not so confident. The management team decided that we needed someone more skilled in this field than us - but it was important for us that it was a person who could understand our very special clients.

Our brand new school building was the first building that needed interior design. Early in the process our headmaster found Inger Pucill from her interior design firm "Space and Relations". After their first meeting I remember the headmaster came up to me and said: "Inger has a special skill - she understands us and our clients. I feel confident about us involving her professionally in our process, and the best part is that she wants to talk to the children and educators / teachers that are to use the house." It meant a lot to us that the user perspective is part of Ingers thinking.

So far, the meeting has resulted in two good agreements :o)

In collaboration with managers, professionals and the children, Inger has decorated the multifunctional room in our brand new school building as well as a cozy niche and corridors of our special 24-hour housing department which is a home for children and their parents.

In the interior design proposal Inger has managed to involve both the childrens and our specialists perspective and she always insisted that this should be a place where children feel at home and secure.

The schools multi-purpose room is boldly decorated with mostly custom-built furniture. It is fine and fun and yet calm with many possible activities. The children use the space actively in everyday life as if it was their own creation. This ownership is due to the fact that Inger involved them in the entire development process.

In the 24-hour living department Inger arranged a cozy niche. It appears homely, soft, warm, cozy and calm. Not least, she helped the children in having a long-awaited wish come true, namely tropical fish. In the cozy corner we have a big built-in aquarium, which provides warmth and comfort in our everyday life. All our children use the cozy corner - and the aquarium's soothing effect is especially helpful if the day has been a little difficult and the children just need to sit by themselves.

Overall we have had a great partnership with Inger. The icing on the cake was when Inger came to the opening ceremony of the new school and the renovation of our 24-hour department and gave a really good speech about the whole process.

Inger has been able to understand our needs and she has had a good insight into what children placed in care need in their everyday life.

Inger is extremely competent and very professional in her approach. When we are to have our new department decorated, we will no doubt contact Inger again. We would highly recommend her to others who need to create and organize learning-spaces and home-like settings for children."

Mikala Frølich
Principal at Hvidborg

Modern office design in a listed building

"Inger Pucill has helped us examine whether it would be possible to create a good and modern working environment in our current listed building, with all the constraints that obviously are related to this. In the process, she has conducted interviews with both management and employees and on this basis she has formulated key requirements and the concept for our new workplace design. The interior proposal was based on respect for the original historic buildings and focused on creating a supportive, comfortable and modern working environment with good acoustics as the special point of focus.

Inger delivered a really thorough solution with brilliant lighting, delicate colors and materials, as well as acoustics integrated in almost every detail. During communication we were particularly pleased to see samples of materials. This, together with 3D illustrations, drawings and descriptions, provided a good and complete picture that we could understand. The interior proposal outlines a solution that is very different from our current office environment and it gave us a great idea about how we best could utilize our facilities. It hit the spot in terms of our needs and identity and created enthusiasm amongst our employees.

Inger is a reliable and professional partner. Throughout the process we had a good and open dialogue and an appropriate level of user involvement. Inger was really good at helping us see our opportunities and needs, without in any way trying to oversell her ideas. It was a very enjoyable and rewarding collaboration that gave us a good direction for our future physical office design."

Tina Beck-Nilsson
District Chairman, Greve Lærerforening (Union of Teachers)

Process facilitation, identity workshop

"From June to October 2016 Kjær Knudsen A/S cooperated with Inger Pucill from Space & Interaction. Inger was hired as a consultant and was responsible for the execution of our identity workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to have our values, mission and vision defined in cooperation with our employees. Ingers task was to design and facilitate the identity workshop and to ensure that the workshop would be a success - with Kjær Knudsens challenges and requirements in regards to outcome in mind.

Our expectation for Inger was that she would have good social, communications and facilitator skills and that she would design the workshop so that our employees would be involved. She should take into account the employees' educational differences and she should manage to gather employees around tasks. She should be able to take control and stay in control in a male-dominated industry.

Inger excelled by showing commitment and understanding, she completed the tasks quickly and took great responsibility for design and facilitation of the workshop. The activities were carefully thought out in advance and simplified as much as possible. The activities appeared therefore limited and well-defined. Inger was good to control the activities within the scheduled time and avoided therefore time wasting. She created a varied program with a variation of tasks that gave our employees the chance to express themselves other than through speech. Everyone felt heard and seen, which gave focus and dynamism to the workshop. We have had a good dialogue with Inger through the whole process where we have felt well informed and included.

The outcome of the workshop has been happy and positive employees who really feel that they contributed and were listened to. It has been a good learning experience, where employees left the room with more energy than when they came.

We have been very pleased with Inger Pucill's work and person, and we can therefore easily recommend Inger to any business."

Tannie Rosenørn
PA to CEO, Kjær Knudsen A/S

Interior Design, multifunctional project space

"Space & Interaction have been responsible for the design of our new multifunctional meeting space / project room. Inger Pucill delivered a really good and inspiring process - different from anything we've tried before. The result is both unique and innovative and yet a very functional space. A space that invites innovation and creativity and which, with simple means, tells the story of who we are. We are very satisfied."

Allan Murphy
Section Manager, CAS, Risø DTU

Interior Design, representation area

"Inger Pucill designed the arrival area En Indgang - for companies in Slagelse Municipality.

Inger Pucill has provided a good individual solution - well suited as to purpose and function and well suited to this particular location. The design has received high praise from many sides - it is a creative and exciting solution solved in a simple way which was quick to implement.

Inger Pucill solved the project quickly and smoothly and took great responsibility for both detail and coordination along the way. She worked professionally, and we felt totally involved in all decisions."

Susanne Kruse Sørensen
Senior Consultant at Innovation and Business Development, Slagelse Municipality

Interior Design, arrival and distribution area

"I want to thank you for your very upscale decor suggestions for our entrance and long hallway that connects the various departments.

I am impressed by the commitment you have put into the task, and the way you have related to investigating how children experience being in Julemaerkehjemmet, as well as their thoughts on the physical environment.

At the same time, I have personally experienced that you quickly understood my own thoughts about both development and design into the project and the final result. I am very pleased with your suggestion.

In many ways it has been an inspiring process to be part of and I highly recommend Space and Relations. We would never ourselves have been able to develop such a qualified proposal for the layout."

Henrik Hougaard Bøtkjær
Principal, Julemærkehjemmet Skælskør

Landscape Design, outdoor space for play and stay

"Space & Interaction by Inger Pucill has drawn up the proposal for the design of the outdoor space at the main entrance to Hospice Sondergaard.

Inger Pucill has shown a great understanding of who we are and our requirements and needs - and she has formulated the concept of "Places and Transitions" which we think fits really well for just our hospice.

Inger Pucill has designed a delightful and very special outdoor space where you can play and have fun together at all ages. Site layout is well thought out with delicate and intricate details that invite you to explore, play, sense, move or just be calm.

She has integrated the four elements of water, air, fire and earth, and the space has a scenic nature, providing seasonal variation which will also give the main entrance aesthetic quality.

Inger Pucill worked dedicatedly and professionally - and we are really looking forward to using the funding to establish this fine and unique "outdoor space"."

Lise-Lotte Andersen
Hospice Manager, Hospice Sondergaard

Interior Design, waiting room / reception

"We contacted Inger from Space & Interaction, as we had to re-design the waiting room of our dermatology clinic. The clinic is located in a listed building in Tietgens buildings in Bredgade, Central Copenhagen. Our challenge was to get a modern waiting room but with respect for the historical building. We have enjoyed out cooperation with Inger. She has great expertise and we have been very happy for her welcoming and positive way to approach the task. She understood what features we wanted for the waiting room and she came with many exciting, functional and imaginative solutions. She prepared a really nice presentation with concept sketches, considerations, materials and so on. It was a really good tool that visually created a good understanding.

Throughout the process showed Inger engagement and expertise and we had a lively dialogue where we discussed everything in relation to the comfort of the patients experience of being in a waiting room. We are very happy with our waiting room which every day, is used by many visitors. We are pleased to move in to a nice environment where every detail has been well thought about . We now have a stylish and functional waiting room where young and old can rest comfortably in a nice environment. We are very grateful to Inger for this."

We give her our best recommendations.

Nadeem R. Janjua
Dermatologist Specialist and Owner of Frederiksstaden Hudklinik