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Inger Pucill - indehaver af Rum og Relationer
Inger Pucill - Director of Space and Realtions Ltd.

Welcome to Space & Relations

Behavioral Space Design for Organisations

Space & Relations specializes in behavioral space design - indoors and outdoors. We work with workplace design, learning environments and landscape design - and all user processes related to this.

Space & Relations take design of the physical environment seriously as a tool to achieve well-being and performance. Our goal is to create physical environments that affect people positively and organizations productively. We assure you a unique decor, which support well-being and organizational objectives, and which manifest your identity.


Space & Relations offer services within:

Every organisations settings and needs are unique. We therefore design every process in cooperation with to ensure that we meet your needs in the best possible way.


Fundamentally, we consider the artefacts in an organisation to reflect and manifest the organisations underlying organisational values and culture. Before we start working on the development of the physical environment, we therefore find it important to clarify the organisations starting point and direction.

Methods and tools

When we start up a project we mostly use qualitative sociological and phenomenological method and the tools linked to it - typically qualitative interviews and semi-structured group interviews. We also use regular photography as a starting point for dialogue, and we facilitate workshops if there is a need for this.We collect quantitative data as appropriate, depending on the project size and complexity.

Quantitative method is suitable for recording what; typically how many, when, where... while qualitative method is more suitable to understand why; why is it so, what does it mean, and what does it take for it to be changed.

We work systematically collecting data on the organisations processes and physical space and we uncover the organisations culture and identity as well as recognized and unrecognized needs and potentials. We prepare needs analysis incl. overview of the functions, activities, proximity criteria, movement patterns etc. On basis of this we develope an appropriate concept and solution.

Space & Relations work on the basis of a combination of theory, experience, and user input. In this way we can ensure that you get an attractive and forward-looking solution based on your specific context, wishes and needs.

The right end user involvment provides future-proof interior and landscape design

User involvement and spatial design performed by Space & Relations ensure that your users' views are heard, challenged and integrated - and that you end up with a unique and future-proof design that supports your functions and reflects your identity.

Our Collaborators

Space & Relations have good reliable partners, that we can involve if we need additional resources or skills. It allows us to go smoothly and flexibly into many types and sizes of projects. In addition, we are always open to enter into new partnerships around specific projects.

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